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Tim’s drive for motorcycle road racing started at a young age; within 6 months of riding for Yamaha Pitmans in 1994, Tim had become a national A-Grade rider. Since then, Tim’s passion for road racing grew while competing in the 600 Supersport, 250 Grand Prix classes in Club, State and the Australian National Titles, with the odd Superbike ride in between.
Along with qualifications in Computer Aided Drafting, Engineering-Fabrication, and Motorsport; Tim brings his 27+ years of experience to the track with PMD Racing.
Whether you’re a seasonal rider or new to the track day scene, we can help set up your Track bike, Race bike or Street bike ready to hit the tarmac. Services we offer include new builds, suspension set-ups and servicing, performance upgrades, general servicing and maintenance, even tyres! Fill in our service contact form or call us on (07) 5408 1000 for any enquiries.
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