Track Days


A ride day is the perfect opportunity to take your bike to the track to ride at your own pace in a safe and controlled environment.
Ride Days are not race or practice days, they are leisure days. With graded groups and plenty of safety measures this kind of event is the best way to test the limits of your bike without speed cameras, trucks, cars, pedestrians, etc. 
Here are a few companies that we suggest to give you the thrill of a lifetime.


A Motorcycle Transportation & Track Day Service. Are you a track day enthusiast?
Do you have a motorbike that is set up just for you? Would you like to ride YOUR bike at tracks in Australia and overseas? Addicted to Track has a service that can help. We ship your bike door to door so you can ride some of the best motorbike tracks in Australia and overseas. We offer a low-risk service to take care of the transport, logistics, insurance, paperwork and time to allow you to fly in and enjoy your bike at the new track.

Champion's Ride Days


We love to ride! Champion’s Ride Days wants everyone to love their bike and enjoy it to the max. The best way to do this is on the track. For 20 years, we have provided professional, safe and fun ride days for bike enthusiasts across Australia. Just turn your mirrors in, grab a set of leathers and you are on the track! No speed cameras, trucks, driveways or dogs here!


RACERS Ride Days are recreational events for motorcyclists who want to ride safely and legally at whatever speed they’re comfortable at. With popular events such as the introductory race program Race Your Mates, RACERS takes a holistic view to motorcycling and caters for all needs from modern bikes to classic bikes. They run at Queensland Raceway, Lakeside Raceway (QLD) and Wanneroo. (WA).